Health and CBD Tips: CBD For Children – Benefits, Products & Dosage

Health and CBD Tips: CBD For Children – Benefits, Products & Dosage

Health & CBD Tip: CBD For Children – Benefits, Products & Dosage




CBD for Children

In this video you will learn everything you need to know so you can feel confident to supplement your child’s diet with CBD.

You will learn

1.) How CBD works in the body
2.) CBD Products that are best for children
3.) How much CBD to give to your child

It’s important to understand that here in the UK I am a member of the Cannabis Trades Association so I don’t make any medicinal claims. CBD isn’t there to cure any diseases it’s just a supplement to help support your child’s physical, mental and emotional health.

CBD has been deemed safe by the World Health Organisation and it has very minimal side effects so you are safe to give your child CBD.

We do recommend however to make sure CBD is administered by a responsible adult for anyone under the age of 18.

How CBD Works in the Body

Our bodies naturally produce a compound called Endocannabinoid and typically we produce around 40-60mg a day in adults.

Endocannabinoids then attach to the receptors of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to fuel it so it can perform its role in the body.

The ECS is a wonderful neuro transmitter that lends a hand in nearly everything our bodies do. Its most important roles are

**Homeostasis – Balancing the body, mood, sleep, appetite etc

**Stress Recovery

**Neuro Protection- Protection of the nervous system

**Immune Function

CBD and the other healthy cannabinoids found in CBD Products have a nearly identical chemical structure to our own naturally occurring endocannabinoids. So if our bodies aren’t producing enough endocannabinoids then it’s beneficial to use a CBD Supplement to give our ECS System a helping hand.

CBD is pharmacological which means it effects multiple pathways all at the same time.

CBD Products for children

Children don’t often like the taste of hemp so here is a list of CBD Products that they will enjoy consuming and be happy to use regularly.

CBD Edibles

These come in forms such as CBD Gummies, CBD Chocolates and other types of CBD Sweets.

These edibles can be eaten and are usually in small dosages such as 10mg per sweet which is great for children as it’s a low dose.

Follow this link to buy safe CBD Edibles for your children

Water Soluble CBD

A water soluble CBD has been produced so that it dissolves in water so it’s better absorbed by the body.

The great thing about water soluble CBD is that it can be added to any type of drink and has a very subtle taste so its easy to add to your child’s daily diet.

Follow this link to buy water soluble CBD

CBD Drinks

You can buy ready-made CBD Drinks like this tasty CBD Cordial from O’Shaughnessy Drinks Company. It’s all natural fruit flavours so naturally low in sugar.

Follow this link to buy CBD Drinks

CBD Creams

Sometimes our skin needs some special attention and a CBD Cream or CBD Balm is a great way to give your skin that loving touch.

Follow this link to buy CBD Creams

How Much CBD Should I Give My Child.

These are some basic guidelines for you giving your child CBD.
I would suggest starting on a low amount of 1-5mg a day for a week and see how your child is.

You can then either increase the dosage or decrease depending on what you feel is best.

Always make sure however that you have checked the labelling and test certificates from the supplier to make sure its zero THC and also has the correct amount of CBD in it. If it doesn’t have a lab test don’t buy it.

All my CBD Products are tested not only for THC and CBD but also shows there are no residual solvents left in from the extraction process, no heavy metals or pesticides.

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